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Video of 10 Relaxing Bedtime Songs

Here are 10 relaxing, soothing, settling bedtime songs for kids and adults of all ages. By Bryant Oden

I’m known more for my funny songs, like The Duck Song or The Color Song or I Got a Pea, but I also like to play some of my softer songs sometimes. I’ve never recorded most of those, so in this video I just wanted to share some of them with you. Thanks for listening! ~Bryant

10 Bedtime Songs or Night Songs, by Bryant Oden:
Song list and links:
1. Night Song: https://youtu.be/07TrGnTt-Sc?t=33
2. May the Moonlight: https://youtu.be/07TrGnTt-Sc?t=329
3. A Little Nighttime Song: https://youtu.be/07TrGnTt-Sc?t=520
4. Dream Star: https://youtu.be/07TrGnTt-Sc?t=768
5. The Humming Song: https://youtu.be/07TrGnTt-Sc?t=930
6. Like A Sunrise: https://youtu.be/07TrGnTt-Sc?t=1054
7.’ Til the Light of Dawn: https://youtu.be/07TrGnTt-Sc?t=1316
8. Mary (Night version): https://youtu.be/07TrGnTt-Sc?t=1473
9. Wish upon a Star Tonight: https://youtu.be/07TrGnTt-Sc?t=1668
10. Golden (Just The Way You Are): https://youtu.be/07TrGnTt-Sc?t=1813

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