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Fun Christmas Songs: When Santa Was a Boy- Chords and Lyrics

Here’s the chords and lyrics to the fun Christmas song When Santa Was a Boy, under the Youtube video. When Santa was a Boy: Lyrics and guitar tabs Here are the words and chords to When Santa was a Boy. When santa was a boy GG CD all the way thru G G C D […]

This Song is Stuck Inside my Head: Lyrics and Chords

Here are the words and guitar tabs to “This Song is Stuck Inside my Head”, under the video. This Song is Stuck Inside my Head Bryant Oden   G                         D                      C                G This song is stuck inside my head and it won’t go away G                      D                      C                      D It started when I first woke up and It’s been […]

I Got a Pea by Bryant Oden- Chords and Lyrics

Here are the words and guitar tabs to “I Got a Pea” (or I Gotta Pea), under the video. I Got a Pea: A kids’ song by Bryant Oden Chords and Lyrics CDG EM kapo 2nd fret C D G Intro C              D                         G               EM Today for show and tell I’m so escited I might yell […]

Bob the Snail, Chords and Lyrics

Here are the lyrics and chords to Bob the Snail, below the video. Bob the snail by Bryant Oden Words and Guitar Tabs CGF Verse 1 C                                                                    G Bob’s my favorite snail And I know he really loves me loves me                               F                                            C      G He’s the classiest snail You would ever hope to know C                                                                       G […]

The Valentine’s Day Song (A Love Story) Lyrics and Chords

Here are the words and guitar tabs to The Valentine’s Day Song (A Love Story) by Bryant Oden, below the Youtube video of the song. The Valentine’s Song (A Love Story) CCFG all the way thru. 2nd Fret C                        F               G              C              F   G I made a special valentines card for a girl I like C             F             […]

Sing You a Rainbow: Words and Chords (Lyrics and Guitar tabs)

Here are the chords and lyrics to Sing You a Rainbow under the Youtube video of the song. Sing You a Rainbow. By Bryant Oden GCD (then CDG) G            C                   D If I could sing you the sunshine I’d sing it for you all the time If I could sing you a smile I’d sing you […]

The Sneeze Song – Bryant Oden- Lyrics and Chords: Words and guitar tabs.

Here are the guitar tabs, chords and lyrics to the kids song “The Sneeze Song” below the video.   G                                  C                     D                         G I sneezed a sneeze into the air. It fell back down I don’t know where G                                                C                          D               G But hard and cold where the look s of those  Standing too close to […]

The Tomato Song Lyrics and Chords (I don’t like Tomatoes) Words and Guitar Tabs

Here are the lyrics and chords to the kids song “the Tomato Song” (I don’t like Tomatoes), under the Youtube video below. The Tomato Song By Bryant Oden (I usually capo to 2nd fret. Whatever works best for your voice… INTRO C C C C C                C                      F                         G I don’t like tomatoes and […]

The Unfinished Song: Lyrics and Chords Guitar tabs and words to the Unfinished Song

Here are the lyrics and chords to “the Unfinished Song”, under the Youtube video The Unfinished Song: By Bryant Oden Words and Guitar Tabs G C  G  C  G                        C       G                            C I didn’t finish this song cause I didn’t have time G                            C   G                                      C So won’t you play along and help me finish […]

The Cowboy Song Lyrics and chords (Words and Guitar to “Life of a Cowboy”)

Here are the words and chords to The Cowboy Song (The Life of a cowboy) below the Youtube video. The Life of a Cowboy (The Cowboy Song)  Lyrics and Chords (Words and guitar tabs) Bryant Oden G  G  G  G [intro] C                                       G You know I’d love to be a cowboy C                                                         G Just me […]

The Duck Song: Lyrics | Words to “The Duck and the Lemonade Stand” by Bryant Oden.

Here’s the lyrics to The Duck Song (the Duck and the Lemonade Stand), and also the chord charts (guitar tabs) below the youtube video of the song.  The Duck song is now available on Thanks for over 110 million Youtube views of the song.  Piano sheet music is here. Chord charts (guitar tabs) and lyrics to The […]

The Stinkbug and the Skunk Lyrics and chord charts

Here are the words and guitar tabs for The Stinkbug and the Skunk, under the Youtube video of the song.   The Stink Bug and the Skunk (just because you’re bigger) By Bryant Oden  C G F C     FCFG   CGFC  FCFGC   C                            G                      F                             C Once there was a stink bug that marched up […] Funny Songs for Kids and everyone, by Bryant Oden

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