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The Stinkbug and the Skunk (Just Because You’re Bigger)

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Here are the audio and YouTube video for the funny song The Stinkbug and the Skunk (Just Because You’re Bigger).

This is a fun, short little song about, you guessed it, a stinkbug and a skunk.  It’s a well kept secret among forest animals, that the real king of the forest is the skunk. But some skunks get a little too full of themselves, which really stinks! This stinkbug had the courage to put an over-confident skunk in his place.

Song credits for The Stinkbug and the Skunk (Just Because You’re Bigger).

Song by Bryant Oden

Bob Wiz ( did the piano and bass for this song.

Tony Crank – vocal recording engineering and final mixing.

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  1. Joe Says:
    September 4th, 2016 at 8:16 pm

    ?????????????????????????????? ha ha poop emoji


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