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Credits and Acknowledgements:

Anna Murphy and Michal Murphy (soloist) sang on Love Is and Sing You a Rainbow. Michal also sang on Just as You Are. Satya Mai and Cali Machen sang on Love Is. All four girls created their own harmonies.

Lila Crank spoke on The Duck Song and Bob the Snail. Raphael McPhee spoke on The Cookie Song. Ryan Croy sang on Bob the Snail.

James Faulk ( played drums and created and sang harmonies for Honey Bear and Lazy Saturday Afternoon. He also offered valuable feedback on several songs.

Danae Shanti ( created and sang harmonies for Sing You a Rainbow and The Light in You, and sang on Bob the Snail, Sundrops and Songdrops. She also connected me with Scott Martin and the girls, and was a greatly appreciated source of encouragement and support throughout the project.

D. Richard (Rick) Lewis ( created and played keyboard arrangements for Bob the Snail, Holding Your Hand, Prince Ray, Honey Bear, Little Joe, The Life of a Cowboy, Lazy Saturday Afternoon, I Sneezed a Sneeze, Sundrops, Songdrops, Love is, Sing You a Rainbow, Just as You Are, and The Light in You.

Jim Oliver, of Oliver Music Studios ( recorded and engineered vocals and guitar for The Duck Song, I Sneezed a Sneeze, The Shortest Song, I Don’t Like Tomatoes, Little Joe, Honey Bear and The Life of a Cowboy.

Scott Martin ( did keyboards, arranging and engineering for The Unfinished Song, I Don’t Like It, Before I Could Rhyme, Peter Piper, One Little Thing and I Love U, as well as keyboards, arranging, engineering and vocal recording for Barry the Bear, I Got a Pea, This Song is Stuck inside my Head, and Sally Sells Sea Shells. He also arranged and played piano for Love Is and Just as You Are, and did background strings for Just as You Are.

Tony Crank, of CRANKITUP Studio, recorded, engineered and co-produced all other vocals and songs. He also co-created keyboard arrangements for several songs, produced and played guitar on Lazy Saturday Afternoon, played guitar on I Don’t Like It and played ukulele on The Ukulele Song. Tony did editing, fine tuning, co-producing and advising for the entire project, always with patience, flexibility, an unwavering high standard, and an ideal combination of offering expert guidance and suggestions while giving me the space to follow my own vision, ideas and preferences.

Additional engineering by Jason McDaniel.

CD design and layout created by Brian Warner Design (

I’m very grateful to each of the above people for their contributions, and to everyone who has supported, in various ways, my music over the years and during the current project. Thanks everyone.



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