Songdrops Songs Recorded with Scott Martin

This page has a list of all the Songdrops songs I have recorded with the help of Scott Martin.

Scott ( has worked with me in recording a lot of my songs, and has helped to bring them to life in a way far beyond what I could have done with just me and guitar. He recorded and handled engineering for all the songs below, and also played keyboards and led the way with arrangements. Thanks Scott!



Funny Songs:

I Got A Pea

This Song is Stuck Inside my Head

My Pet Monster

Before I Knew How to Rhyme (Keyboards)

The Love Bug

Please Don’t Pee in the Pool

Striper the Kitty

The Silly Bands Song

The Planet Song

I Don’t Like It (Keyboards)

I Love Ukuleles


Dead Armadillo

Poopers the Magic Penguin

I Won’t Give Up ‘Til I Win Your Heart

The Name of My Frog

The Homework Song

I’ve Got Issues With Your Tissues

The Banana Song

I Brush My Tooth

There’s Sumpkin About Pumpkin Pie

Zombies Just Want To Be Loved

Rolling Around the Sun

My Cowgirl

Tongue Twisters and interactive songs:

Sally Sells Sea Shells

Peter Piper


Betty Botter

The CBA Song

Please Pre-freeze the Peas

The Unfinished Song

Octo the Octopo

Five Fruit Flies Flew

The Yawn Song

Fun Songs:

Best Friends Forever (The BFF Song)


10 Little Penguins

Heidi the Cross-Eyed Opossum

One Little Thing

Cocoa the Cute Little Coo Coo Calico Kitten

I Love U (It’s my Favorite Letter)

If I Were- Faster Version

Barry the Bear

Mom’s Song


I Had a Frog

You Turn my Pinkies Blue

Going Fishing

Paula the Koala

A Little Like Love


Special Occasion, Christmas and Holiday Songs:

Happy Happy Birthday

The Turkey Song

Three Pairs of Long Johns On

The Night Before Christmas Song

When Santa Was a Boy

The Halloween Song

Relaxing, Soothing, and Bedtime Songs:

The Sweeter the Dawn

Earth Song

Love Is (Piano)

Just as You Are (Piano and keyboards)

Angel Song (Piano and keyboards) Funny Songs for Kids and everyone, by Bryant Oden

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All Songdrops songs (C) Bryant Oden