Bedtime Songs and Lullabies

The Sweeter the Dawn

Here’s the video for the song, The Sweeter the Dawn.   Song Credits: Song by Bryant Oden Scott Martin – co-producer, engineering, mixing, and arranging, all keyboards. Lyrics to The Sweeter the Dawn A cold winter night Not long ago Deep in a forest in fresh fallen snow The stars were as bright as the eyes […]

Rolling Around the Sun

Here’s the video for the little song, Rolling Around the Sun.   Lyrics and guitar chords/tabs to Rolling Around the Sun, by Bryant Oden G                                         C The Earth is smaller than it seems from the […]

Bedtime Songs and Lullabies: Relaxing, soothing songs for kids for going to sleep.

If you are looking for mellow, soft, relaxing, soothing bedtime songs and lullabies (for any age from newborns and toddlers to older kids and teens), give some of these relaxing Songdrops songs a listen and see if you like any of the music. This page has all the songdrops bedtime songs on one page.  All […]

Always: A sweet, relaxing, soothing song for bedtime or anytime.

Here are the audio and Youtube video for a sweet little song called “Always”. On iTunes Song by Bryant Oden This song touched my heart when it came to me in 2008. I recorded it that fall, when I was recording a lot of songs for the first CD (This one isn’t on that CD). […]

Wish Upon a Star Tonight

Here are the audio and Youtube video for the song Wish Upon a Star Tonight. . For some reason, I really like how this simple little song came out. It’s soothing and relaxing to me, and I like the words. Hope you like it too. Song by Bryant Oden Guitar tabs, chords and lyrics: This […]

Angel Song: A soothing, relaxing song

Here are the audio and Youtube video for Angel Song. It’s on the CD Songdrops 3. Song by Bryant Oden Much thanks to Scott Martin for the beautiful piano and keyboard arrangements. Words to Angel Song Here are the lyrics to Angel Song Some people say we all have an angel That settles our heart […]

The Light in You

The Light in You is a soft song for relaxing or for bedtime. Here are the audio and YouTube video of the original version from the first Songdrops CD: And for those of you who prefer the higher speed version, here it is: Song by Bryant Oden Much thanks to Danae Shanti for the beautiful […]

Love Is ~ A song by Bryant Oden

Love is is one of my favorite songs on the Songdrops CD.  Here are the audio and YouTube video: Song by Bryant Oden Scott Martin did the beautiful piano, and Richard (Rick) D. Lewis did the very cool strings. Michal Murphy, Anna Murphy, (sisters), Satya Mai and Cali Machen created and sang their own harmonies. […]

Just as You Are- a soothing. relaxing song for kids

Just as You Are Here is the higher quality audio of Just as You Are And here is the Youtube video of the song. Song by Bryant Oden Just as You Are is one of my favorite soft songdrops songs .  Scott Martin did the beautiful piano and background strings, Richard (Rick) D. Lewis did other […]

Lullaby: A Danae Shanti Children’s Song

My good friend Danae Shanti has sung on some of my songs (Sing You a Rainbow, Bob the Snail, Sundrops/Songdrops, If I Were, The Light in You, and the soon to be released Always.)  She also has her own CD of children’s songs, Lullabies for Little Visionaries.  Here’s the Youtube video for Lullaby, my favorite song […]

Earth Song

Here is the YouTube video for Earth Song. Lyrics and guitar chords/tabs to Earth Song Here are the words and guitar tabs to Earth Song. Capo 3rd, 4th or 5th fret, whatever works best for your voice. G               C       D We dream of a world […]

Song From A Mountain Top

This song came to me when I reached the top of one of my favorite mountains.  I had been looking down to choose my steps over loose rocks, and then when I made it to the top, I looked up saw amazing, awe-inspiring views every direction I looked. And I was filled with the living beauty […]

The Gift ~ By Bryant Oden

Here is the Youtube video for The Gift. Lyics to The Gift There are no words For the Greatness Of the gift of being alive There are no words For what is living Inside Inside There are no words For what is living Inside Inside There are no words Page topic: The YouTube video of […]

If I Were ~ A relaxing bedtime Song by Bryant Oden

If I Were (an older version was called The Whistle Song) is a relaxing bedtime song or lullaby, or just a soothing “mellowing out” anytime song for kids.  I didn’t really plan it to be that way, but once we added the flute, it took on a pretty, soothing quality I really liked.  The song is on […] Funny Songs for Kids and everyone, by Bryant Oden

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